Sunday, 8 July 2012

An apology...

So my first ever post is going to be an apology... to all those who may read this and be offended by my lack of writing skills!! I have made this blog to try and give the things I dream and imagine somewhere other then being stuck in my head. I am not the best at putting things I have in my head into writing, or drawing. In fact the only way I feel I can explain myself to the best of my ability is with photos.
This blog will contain a lot of photos, tutorials and a little bit of rambling.

I am currently working on Master C's superhero 3rd birthday party so stay tuned for some awesome tutes!!


  1. I can't wait this is going to be Awesome!

  2. woop can't wait to read more post

  3. Thank you ladies!! Just need to work out how to do up a tutorial as I would love to share my first sewing creation since starting this blog! Keep an eye out for a Super Baby bodysuit tute!!